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 We have access to all the big brands. If we don't have it in stock, we get it next day in most cases.
Check out the most popular covers below and get a quick quote. We have Multiple displays if you would rather see and feel the covers in person.


Ultra Flex.jpg

UnderCover Ultra Flex

Top of the line hard tri fold with a nice satin finish and carpeted under panels. This cover folds all the way back so you have full access to your bed. Includes an integrated Bed light. It is made of Aircraft grade aluminium and comes with a 5 year warranty
Starting at $1560.43 plus tax 


BAKFlip Fibermax

This cover is the upgrade to the G2. It offers a dent resistant fiberglass top. It can handle 300lbs of weight. Comes with a 2 year warranty.


Starting at $1423.43 plus tax 

Tonneau cover MX4.jpg


This cover has 4 panels instead of 3 on bed sizes over 6 feet. It is the most popular cover we sell. It can handle 400lbs of weight . The tailgate can be closed without opening the cover. Comes with a 3 year warranty.


Starting at 1560.43$ plus tax 

2.0 solid fold.jpg

Extang Solid Fold 2.0

This cover is a classic hard tri-fold and is one of the most popular models. It sits on top of the rails giving you extra space inside the bed. It is also easily remove to get full cab access.

Starting at $1313.83 plus tax 


Trifecta 2.0.jpg

Extang Trifecta 2.0

This the top selling heavy duty soft tri fold cover. Available in a Matte finish for 50$ more. Comes with a 10 year warranty
Starting at $601.43 plus tax


Tonno Pro Tonno Fold

This is an entry level soft fold cover. Comes with a 10 year warranty.


Starting at $549 plus tax 




Truxedo Truxport

TruXport is an attractive roll-up truck bed cover that includes top quality features and benefits with a price that won’t break the bank.  The TruXport is made in the USA and is backed with a 5 Year warranty.
Starting at $464.43 plus tax 


Tonno Pro Lo Roll

This is an entry level roll up cover. Comes with a 10 year warranty.


Starting at $449.99 plus tax 




Flat bed covers are manufactured from either a hard or soft material and will be either locking or non-locking. The flat cover category encompasses: soft tonneau covers, roll-up covers, soft and hard folding covers, retractable covers, high impact plastic and painted fiberglass lids. Popular manufacturers include: BAK, Extang, Truxedo, Retrax, Undercover, ATC, and Century.


Flat covers work best for individuals where:

1) the height of their cargo will fit into the existing bed space;

2) the height of their cargo is taller than what would fit under a truck cap. Flat covers are also popular with truck owners who want to keep the original vehicle style lines and driver’s visibility unchanged.


Roll-Up Covers


Price $$

Roll-Up covers also protect the truck bed from the elements, keep the cargo out of sight and provide easy access for hauling taller items.  Roll-Up Covers have a frame that clamps to the truck bed without drilling, but there are significant material and design differences between this type of cover and a standard soft tonneau cover. 


Soft and Hard Folding Covers


Price $$-$$$

Folding covers have grown in popularity in recent years because of their ease of use.  Soft folding covers, like the Extang Trifecta, allow for easy truck bed access and cover removal.  Hard folding covers, like Extang’s Solid Fold and the BakFlip G2, feature the same ease of use, but also add an element of security when the vehicle is equipped with a locking tailgate.  Depending on the specific cover, these may sit above the truck bed or relatively flush giving a clean appearance.

Because these covers provide easy access to the truck bed, they are especially popular with truck owners who routinely carry taller cargo.  Truck owners with ATV’s appreciate the BakFlip G2 and its ability to provide almost complete access to the truck bed without cover removal.


Retractable Covers


Price $$$$

Retractable covers are unique in that they retract into a canister at the front of the truck bed. They also are available in a wide assortment of different materials.  The cover exterior can be a vinyl, aluminum or polycarbonate surface over a retractable reinforcing structure.  For example, the Retrax Retractable Cover has tempered aluminum i-beams imbedded into the polycarbonate sheet for strength.  These covers are relatively flush providing a clean appearance.

Retractable covers provide locking security and the benefit of a cover that doesn’t require removal for truck bed access. Truck owners with in-bed fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches can do their towing, reach their destination, unhook their trailer and close their retractable cover securing the truck bed.  Some retractable covers can also be secured when partially open – a feature not typically found in other types of truck covers.


High Impact Plastic Lids

Price $$$

High impact Plastic Lids – the industry leader being Undercover – are one of the most popular choices in a flat locking cover.  When locked, the cover secures the truck bed and prevents the tailgate from being opened.

The Undercover is lightweight, easy to remove, very strong and durable.  The cover weighs less than 60 lbs and can be removed in minutes providing complete access to the truck bed.  The Undercover includes wall mount hardware for storage when the cover is off the truck.

This Undercover is popular with the truck owner that wants a locking flat cover that is easy to remove when hauling taller cargo.  The cover has clean lines and a black textured finish that complement any truck.

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