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  •  Silicone intake seals are more durable than traditional rubber intake seals
  •  Cold air intakes increase horse power and improve fuel economy
  •  Easy at home installation with easy to follow instructions included in each kit. Bolts on in minutes with simple hand tools
  •  Lifetime washable & reusable high flow air filter
  •  Most kits include a custom designed box to isolate the filter from engine heat
  •  Clear inspection lid allows you to check the filter service interval
  •  Intake tube is constructed of a high-quality polyethylene
  •  Filters are tested to ISO 5011 Filtration Standard
  •  Backed by a million mile warranty
  •  Made in the USA - Fontana, CA

Check out S&B cold air intakes if you're interested in boosting horsepower, torque, and even fuel efficiency (if you can keep your foot off the gas). Give your truck or car engine all the air it can handle, and reap the benefits!

S&B doesn't skimp when it comes to designing their cold air intakes. Each engine compartment is mapped using laser CMM that allows for an excellent fit that maximizes the space available. The custom air-box is going to fit perfectly in your engine compartment, and work just as well. Each air-box also features a clear window, which makes checking your air filter a breeze. The intake tube is constructed of a high-quality polyethylene, and is designed to reduce airflow restriction.

Most S&B cold air intakes are available with your choice of a cotton or a dry disposable filter. S&B cotton filters are washable and reusable, while the dry disposable filters last up to 30,000 miles before needed to be replaced. Both have been ISO 5011 tested, and the cotton reusable filtered showed 49.5% increase in air flow over an AC Delco filter, while the disposable filter allowed 47.2% more airflow than the AC Delco.

So, after taking everything into consideration, I can't see any reason to not get an S&B cold air intake under your hood as soon as possible. Not only are you going to see increase in engine performance and efficiency, you'll even be able to hear the difference. Get yours today!

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SKU: 75-5089
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